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Robert Zello

Need some REAL FOOD
to go with those cookies?

Real Chef! Realistic Pricing! Really Delicious!
Weddings, Parties, Corporate Catering & More!

"Chef-Created and Inspired"

CHEF SAYS: "Being part of a family with generations of Bakers and Cooks, my memories of special family mealtimes include so many flavors! My childhood food memories inspire me and help me make decisions how to develop my own recipes and dessert creations. I know that if I start with the best quality ingredients the end result will be something enjoyable and memorable! When I begin to develop a recipe, I aim to keep the final product simple and recognizable using ingredients that everyone can relate to and understand…even if the preparation process involves many complicated steps to make it "just right"! That is what makes my cookies so special... it is what you would want to prepare for your own family if you had the time and the patience!"

How did Stone Soup Catering's Chef
have the time to develop all these cookies?

CHEF SAYS: "Believe it or not, catering is very easy for me – and at this point it should be! I have been doing it for a very long time! When catering an event, I am military-organized and I never make the same mistake twice. I believe that if every day is evaluated for tomorrow's success, practice can truly make perfect…or at least a whole lot better! With that being said, it took no more than a quiet January in 2008 to get me feeling like I needed a new challenge. Wedding season would not kick in until around Valentine's Day and the frequent snowstorms were keeping corporate events at a minimum... so I was bored! My wife suggested that I should spend some time focusing on the ideas that I had for cookies... and that is all it took! Suddenly, a new hobby – and a new entity of our business – was born!"

Why are your cookies SO good?

CHEF SAYS: "This really started as a hobby for me with no budget restrictions whatsoever – these were originally planned only to be small batches of cookies for my family and close friends to enjoy – so I did not put any limits on what to spend on experimenting with super-high quality baking ingredients. Hundreds of combinations of butters, nuts, chocolates, spices, sugars, flours and techniques have been tested and rejected in my quest to create my ultimate cookie collection! I even make my own vanilla and cinnamon extracts to allow for an even tastier finish! My first creation was the Green Cherry and Pistachio Cookie with White Chocolate Chips... then the Candied Pecan & Toffee Cookie... then the Black Raspberry Cream Cookie...! To this day, the ideas just keep coming! So many flavors and techniques to challenge and inspire me! So now, my really expensive hobby has turned in to a "must" for many... we hope you enjoy sharing them with your friends and family too!"

I know how to order the cookies,
but how about "real" food?

CHEF SAYS: "You will love my "real" cooking, too! Check out my catering company's website or give a call to request menus at (301) 515-6998."